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Shailesh Choudhary,Assistant Professor, CSE Betul SBITM.

Shailesh Choudhary M.Tech.,M.S.,MBA

Prof Shailesh Choudhary completed B.E from Amaravati University topping the Merit list.

 M.Tech from Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal,M.S. from Asmara University and MBA from Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences.

He has 25 Years of Experience of Teaching and administrative work.

Overseas Experience:
4 years as Assistant Professor in Ministry of Education.Eritrea. ( N.E.Africa).

Specialization: Computer Architecture, Operating System, Cyber Security.

Conferences/Workshop Highlights:

  • Participated in one weak FDP on “Engineering Education & Industry: A post-covid-19 perspective” organized by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Mumbai
  • Participated in two-day workshop on “Trends in cybersecurity” organized by IQAC & RGIT MUMBAI
  • Attended IQAC webinars by experts on- A) Pedagogical Innovations of 21st Century B) Post Covid challenges & Opportunities
  • International Paper (ISBN) published on “Document Mining using Relevant User Behaviour” in IJIRMF(Journal)
  • International Paper Published on “Relevant User Data Mining using Auxiliary Information” in IJCT (Journal)
  • Attended two-day workshop at ASMARA UNIVERSITY (ERITREA) on “Trends in Result Analysis in Global Education