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Satish Chadokar, CSE Department SBITM

Satish Chadokar M.Tech

Prof. Satish Chadokar Completed his B.E, degree form” Technocrats Institute of Technology, Bhopal”. He did M.Tech from “SBITM, Betul”. He has over 6 years of teaching, research, and academic work. He also conducted skill development in a vocational training program at Govt. Polytechnic college Betul, he also a trainer in community development through a polytechnic scheme at Govt. Polytechnic college Betul. Besides teaching, He has proving to help hands in social issues in Govt. Polytechnic College Betul.

Software Engineering, Theory of Computation,data Science, DBMS.

Conference/ workshop highlights:

  • Attended 2 day International Conference on Management Practices, Innovation & Research 2019 at Tulsiramji Gaikwad-patil college of Engineering & Technology,Nagpur
  • International Paper (ISBN) presented on “IoT Based Smart Home Automation system using Node MCU ” IOSR journal of Engineering (IOSRJEN) Dec. 2019 ,,PP 15-20.
  • International Paper (ISSN) presented on “Survey: Feature Selection Technique Impact for Internet Traffic Classification Using Naïve Bayesian”, Vol.6 Issue.4,   April- 2017, pg. 300-307
  • International Paper (ISSN) presented on  “Feature Selection Technique Impact for Internet  Traffic Classification Using Naïve Bayesian”,July 2017 IJSDR | Volume 2, Issue 7

Career Highlights

  • Felicitation for Outstanding contribution in Academic and social work.