Shri Balaji Institute of Technology & Management, Betul

The institute- ‘Shri Balaji Institute of Technology & Management’ (SBITM), was established by the trust – ‘Gaurav Shikhar Shiksha Evam Samaj Kalyan Seva Samiti’ (GSSSKSS) in the year 2009. The main objective is to develop competent and relevant manpower for the emerging needs of trade, business, and industry by providing high-quality technical education to young aspiring under-graduates.


Shri Balaji Institute of Technology & Management, Betul® SBITM is one of the best engineering colleges in the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) with its state-of-art facility and expertise in the field engineering education. The institute takes immense pride in its ‘Faculty’ that consists of dedicated thought leaders who are very well supported with sound infrastructure facility to compete with the best & upgraded curriculum related to the emerging trends. 

 The jointly coordinated effort on the part of the management, the teaching faculty and the supporting staff enables ‘SBITM’ to groom young technocrats capable of contributing their best towards the welfare of society. The ‘SBITM’ aspires to be a part of revolution in technical education, impacting futuristic technologies in Indian framework. In this process, the ‘SBITM’ aims to be one of the finest service providers of technical education in India.

All the professional education programs offered by ‘SBITM’ Betul are recognized by ‘University Grant Commissions’ (UGC), ‘All India Council of Technical Education’ (AICTE), Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. The education programs are properly executed at the institute level to train & develop the individual student to become well versed with technical knowledge base & necessary skill-sets so as to accelerate them in their respective fields. Currently, the ‘SBITM’ Betul offers ‘Five’ (05) under-graduate (UG) B. Tech; Degree and ‘Two’ (02) Polytechnic (Diploma) courses. 

The ‘SBITM’ Betul supports & conducts the various long-term / short-term student / faculty development programs (FDP) that comprises of corporate research training, Industry Institute Interface Workshops, seminars, in-house technical enhancement & learning programs. The programs are based on regular case studies & presentations etc. which are supported on massive open online certification (MOOCs) platforms. A strong interface with Industry is ensured through guest lectures, industry visits and industrial training opportunities through Industry Institute Interaction (III) Cell.

Graduate Degree

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings . School of Civil Engineering aims to meet the future needs of the construction industry and society by producing professional civil engineers competent in analyzing, designing and managing solutions for practical engineering problems. 

It imparts sound fundamentals at B.Tech. level, and specialized subjects at M.Tech. level. Teaching learning process is seamlessly supported by excellent academic support facilities (laboratory, library, etc.). Library and reading room is available to students and staff, round the clock.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering functioning since inception of the Institution comprises various modern Laboratories and Workshops in order to cater the need of the students undergoing the B.Tech program. The Laboratories such as Applied Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Material Testing, Hydraulic Machine, Machine Dynamics, Production Engineering and Internal Combustion Engine etc. adorn the pride of the Department. 

The workshop is equipped with modern machine tools and operative charts. The Laboratories have been well equipped with necessary equipment and machines of latest generation which give insight to the students for future technological support in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Students are trained by highly skilled laboratory technicians to perform the jobs, such as, welding, designing, fitting, shaping, cleaning, grinding, testing etc,so as to make them competent to face the challenges in the Job-market.

Computer science and engineering graduates can make a career in various areas like web applications, computer graphics, video games, enterprise computing , embedded systems, network administration, mobile applications, computer vision,scientific modelling, computer security, database systems, animation , wireless network, artificial intelligence, core companies, computational skills, computer manufacturing, computer programming, computational biology, super-computing to name a few.

 Apart from core subjects such as Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Compiler Design and Software Engineering, the course curriculum imbibes inter disciplinary approach. Subjects such as Microprocessor, Digital Circuits and Systems have great practical utility and demand in the industry.

With the advent of technological changes in last two decades, the branch of Computer Engineering offshooted into a specialization in the form of Information Technology in year 2000. Now, extensive research in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) has led to super specialisation of Computer Engineering which has emerged as a branch in itself and shall be offered in the form of B.Tech. (AI and Data Science). The integration of AI & DS is going to create a revolutionary change in the coming decade and provide opportunities for budding engineers. The scale and volume of these two technologies is emphasized below.

Thus, Shri Balaji institute of technology and management Betul introduces B.Tech. programme in AI & DS. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree makes student more skill oriented whereas Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree focuses on core and mathematical foundation. The B.Tech. course is designed such that it has combination of Computer Engineering and emerging technological area with industry connect curriculum and at the same time keeping opportunity open for research and development. The speciality of the program is blending of Academia with Industry through one semester internship in Industry or working on a live project at the Institute. We try to be more agile and intend to prepare Industry skill oriented professionals through this B.Tech. programme.

The Objectives of the course are:

  • To impart fundamental knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  • To develop skills with emerging tools and techniques of Artificial Intelligence and integrate with Data Science process.
  • To impart knowledge with Industry perspective so that domain specific projects can be carried out with societal impact.
  • To identify the problems for research and develop research research strategies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  • To enrich learning experience through holistic educational for professional and all round developmet

Harnessing electrical energy is the challenge for electrical engineers. The power packed EEE department inspires the budding Electrical Engineers with the potent idea of constructing Generating Stations, Transmission Lines and Distribution Systems at economic rates and to design, test and supervise the manufacture of Electrical and Electronic equipments used in electrical utilities, buildings, automobiles, air-crafts, radar, navigation system and broadcast and communication systems. 

Diploma Courses

60 Seats are available in SBITM for Diploma Course in Civil Engineering

60 Seats are available in SBITM for Diploma Course in Mechanical Engineering

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SBITM conducts corporate research & training, seminars, in-house training & presentations etc.  A strong interface with Industry is ensured through guest lectures, industry visits and industry training opportunities.

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