Industry-Institute Interaction Cell

To bridge the gap between industry and an institute, there is a vital need of a Industry-Institution Interaction Cell (III Cell). At our institute it was established in the year 2019, which provides an excellent platform for both the students as well as the faculty members to be aware of industry expectations from the upcoming graduates. The III Cell serves as a podium to showcase the best practices, latest technologies in industry stand point and their implementation.

Also, III Cell promotes industry experts to continuously organize such programs like expert lectures, industrial visits, industrial trainings, seminars, webinars etc. which play a significant role in honing the skill set of the students as per the expectations of the industry.


  • To explore and arrange different modes of interaction with the industries.
  • To promote various research activities by the faculty members and students.
  • To establish convergence with industrial and research organizations from various fields through MOUs as a base for interaction.


  • To give industrial exposure to Faculty members and students, thus enabling them to tune their Knowledge to cope with the recent trends & technologies in the industries.
  • To organize Expert lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars etc. on trending technologies by experts in the field.
  • To assist the Departments in organizing workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the industries.
  • To organize industrial visits for Faculty members and students.
  • To form Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the institute and industries to bridge the gap between them.
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Prof. Satish Chadokar

Industry Institute Interaction Cell

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