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Holi Message

Date  18/03/2022


Celebrations are an important part of our life. However, when we are involved in festivities, we must remember the importance of the environment around us. It is our obligation to look after it. So, this year, let us enjoy Holi in an environmentally sustainable manner. Holi will be celebrated in the same way we do now but in a more environmentally sustainable manner so the volunteers have organized an event to make aware the community about how we should celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly manner

Below are a few environmentally friendly ways to celebrate Holi to the fullest & simultaneously take care of the environment:

1. Play Holi with natural colures:

2. Avoid the use of balloons and plastic bags

3. Avoid the use of irrelevant colures

4. We should se that no animals were harm by the artificial colures.

5. We should save water and precautions should be taken that no animals drink the color mix water