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Old Age Home Visit

Date  10/05/2022

 In today’s society, we tend to largely ignore a big part of the population – the senior citizens. This is a shame as they are a treasure trove of useful information and advice. This means that a visit to an old age home was an exciting thing to look forward to as the volunteers visited an Old age home  Matoshri Vrudhashram at Uddan Village near RTO office Betul.

          Old age homes are predominantly for those senior citizens that cannot live with their children for some reason or are better off living there. They can live there for a small fee as well as have a 24-hour nurse on call. However, this can make them lonely. It is indeed depressing to see old people waiting perpetually for people to come to visit them. There are many securities to living there, however, there are downsides. There is positivity to being around people of their own age, and doing activities together, however. They were all very friendly with one another and even to the people who visited.