Nurturing Minds Making Technocrats

The campus provide students, the state-of-the-art computer centre with computing facilities, laptops to accelerate the learning process anytime, anywhere and libraries that act as training grounds for nascent professionals. 

Our programs designed to train the students to become well versed and accelerate in their respective fields.

  • 100% Campus Placement.
  • Monthly Industrial tours with purpose.
  • Special Grooming & communication classes
  • Special Scholarships Programme

The institute takes immense pride in its faculty that consists of dedicated thought leaders, an infrastructure to compete with the best and an upgraded curriculum related to the emerging trends. Concerted effort on the part of the management, the faculty and the staff enables SBITM to groom business leaders capable of contributing their best towards the world.

A strong interface with Industry is ensured through guest lectures, industry visits and industry training opportunities.


Well furnished spacious classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are well equipped with teaching aids such as LCD and OHP for lectures, presentations etc. As a result, the interactive sessions of teaching adds confidence and zeal amongst our students. The class rooms are built up in an area of approximately 45×40 thereby accommodating 60 students at a time.


The library at SBITM is more like integrated Knowledge Resource Centre that consists of more than 15,000 volumes of text and reference books. It has been designed with lot of care, paying adequate attention to the needs of both faculty and students. Our specialized staff is always there to help the students with quick references. The Library subscribes to 30 national & international Journals / Magazines specific to the academic and research needs of the SBITM community. Being air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled, the library at SBITM serves to be an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of higher educational programmes. Within a span of year’s time, plans are being made to convert it into a digital library having fibre optic backbone.

Computer Lab

SBITM campus has state-of-the-art computer centre that provides computing facilities comprising of the latest machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print services. It has more than 390 computers connected to Network LAN. With highly qualified IT faculty team it caters to the academic needs of the budding professionals aspiring for careers in the industry. The computer lab at SBITM is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts learnt in the classrooms. In addition, the latest version of personal computer/ Laptop has been made available for each student


The institute provides a safe transport for students and staff, with a communication system and supervised pick up and dispersal covering nearby areas of 50 km..


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The Institute supports the various long-term / short-term duration programmes that comprises of corporate research and training, industry interface, seminars, in-house training programmes, regular case studies & presentations etc. A strong interface with Industry is ensured through guest lectures, industry visits and industry training opportunities.